Top Ten Tuesday // Books I’m Planning to Read this Fall (AKA The Best Time of Year)

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Goodbye (and honestly good riddance) to summer because it’s finally TIME FOR THE GREATEST OF ALL SEASONS. Fall is coming up very quickly and I’m more than ready for it. It’s my favorite time of year (next to Winter) for so many reasons, but mainly because of the cooler weather. I’m so DONE with the hot days, guys. I want sweaters and fuzzy socks and the leaves to change and AHHH I’m excited!!

I don’t normally do Top Ten Tuesday (I think this is actually my first one?) but I couldn’t resist the prompt today. Because it involves books to read IN the Fall, which is honestly the best combination I can think of.

I have lots of books planned for the next few months, but for this list, I’ve tried to pick out the ones that kinda radiate those Fall and Halloween vibes. Like the spooky/mysterious/thrilling kind. Some of these I’ve literally been saving just so I can read them during this time of year… like, that is how dedicated I am to this season.

Here’s some of those Fall-esque books I am planning to pick up soon:

Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

2E07DEA0-E3AD-4CD4-B58E-92795440F9B5I NEEEEED THIS. The other night, I finished Vicious and lemme just tell you: THAT was a spectacular book. Very dark and twisted and totally unique. Of course, I expected nothing less from Schwab, but I was still totally blown away by how good it was. So now I’ve been anxiously waiting for this sequel which comes out ONE! WEEK! FROM! TODAY!

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

BF6A8586-1093-4534-96E2-10CE4A5B6045After I’m done with Vengeful, I’m going to read this, and I couldn’t be more excited. I actually started it a couple weeks ago; I’m about 30 pages in and I’m loving it. And seriously Lazlo is great because he’s in to books, like same dude. I’m going to attempt to finish this before the sequel comes out on October 2nd, and I’m hoping it’ll be bingeable considering I’ll have less than week and it’s a monster of a book. Either way, SO EXCITED.

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

7A2C3B12-B5C1-40BE-B1D1-2CAE6EA3419B This is one of those I’m saving for October just because of the spooky theme. I’m reallllly looking forward to this one because 1. I haven’t read middle grade in ages, 2. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews, and 3 … it’s SCHWAB.

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

805674CE-9322-4E1D-AC73-83DD69E2B5B2It’s about time, am I right? I’ve been missing out on Bardugo books for years now and I’ve suddenly gotten the urge to read them. And I am MORE than excited. I’ve been told that it’s best to read the Grisha trilogy first, but then I’ll get to what everyone seems to rave about even more, which is…

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

1B4F81E9-DB9F-4BAF-B480-CC9E47E833E0YES FINALLY. I’m expecting I’ll finish Grisha and immediately pick this one up. All the hype for this duology has been CRAZY high and its making me want to read it so badly. Someone actually gave me SoC as a gift years ago (I think when it came out in 2015?) and I can’t believe I NEVER PICKED IT UP. I’m planning on it though. Very, very soon. The excitement is real!!

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

F8877758-D216-4CF3-B166-4C7F9DAEB8ECYet another hyped series I’ve been missing out on, and one that I am very much wanting to get to already. Honestly, I don’t know how much I’m expecting to like this. I think I’ll enjoy it, but it’s not pulling me in as much as some other books I have on my TBR. Everyone’s love for this has made me intrigued though, that’s for sure. And I did order it recently so I’m planning to try this (and Thunderhead if I enjoy it) within the next few months!

This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee

F3E7479D-1FCF-4755-82AC-922EE83D848BEver since my reread of The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, I’ve been desperate to get my hands on another Mackenzi Lee book. I absolutely L O V E her and her writing and the way she incorporates all the cool historical aspects. This book seems like a fitting read for October, so hopefully I’ll pick be able to pick it up sometime next month!

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

6588DA90-263A-4F6C-96C1-F767A4962C8BI included The Raven Cycle in my last post about series I still need to finish, and now I’ve been inspired to pick up The Raven King. I’ve been meaning to read this book for two years now, and I feel like I’ll finally manage to get through it in the next few months. I hope?? Ugh I adore this series so very much. I miss Gansey and Blue and Adam and Ronan and Noah. I need them back in my life.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

123588D7-BFC4-48FD-BC8B-A3C9AE455ABCWell this definitely looks dark and it definitely looks like something I’m going to be in to. Again, I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about this book (and the sequel) so I’m verrrry interested to see what all the hype is about.

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

CCD9966A-732E-4275-8DA3-90F465962574Oh look, another Schwab book. *pretends to be shocked* I’m just really in to her books lately, okay? I hear this one involves monsters and such, which is great. Honestly everything about this book sounds incredible, and since it’s Schwab, I know it definitely will be incredible.

I’d love to know:

Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Do you enjoy Fall as much as I do? What books do you have on your Fall TBR?


51 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // Books I’m Planning to Read this Fall (AKA The Best Time of Year)

  1. Nevernight is sooo good, one of my new favourite fantasy series. Hope you like it! I love the raven cycle so much, and I feel like I’m in the minority since a lot of people seem to have complaints about the Raven King but I personally loved it.

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    1. I’ve been wanting to read Nevernight for so long now! I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed it; that makes me even more excited to read it 🙂
      I do think one of the reasons I’ve been reluctant to read TRK is because of the mixed reviews. I can’t imagine I’d dislike it because of how much I adored the first 3 books though!!

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  2. I’ve read a lot of these books! Nevernight is one of my top books from this year. I also really loved the entire Raven Cycle, so I hope you love The Raven King! This Savage Song (and Our Dark Duet) broke my heart, but they were great. Scythe was also really good, and it’s been a couple years since I read Shadow and Bone, but I really liked that one too. I guess I’m just pretty excited in general for your fall TBR. 😊

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    1. Ahh this makes me THAT much more excited to get to all of these books! I’m so happy to hear all this positive feedback. Thanks for your comment, Sara, and happy reading!!❤️

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    1. Gotta love those books with the Fall vibes!! Ooh I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed SoC and Scythe; I’m looking forward to getting to those soon 🙂 And ahh same, City of Ghosts sounds great!!


    1. I’m waaay too excited to read This Savage Song because Schwab is currently my favorite! I’m glad you liked it, that’s so good to hear 🙂 And ooh I hope you enjoy TRC; it’s SO good… at least what I’ve read so far😃


  3. Great post Brianna! 💞 I’m also SUPER ready for fall? autumn? same thing right? Anywho, I have to say that summer is basically my least favorite season haha. Bring me the hot chocolate and the fallen leaves please 😂

    I’m hope, jk I’m going, to read Strange The Dreamer soon. I have to read Escaping from Houdini (by kerri maniscalco) first, then Crooked Kingdom (by leigh bardugo), and thennnn FINALLY Strange the dreamer. Which kind of leads me to my next comment…
    I can’t wait for you to read SoC! I just finished it like three days ago and I’m still shook (I also never picked it up until now and idk why). Although, I was kind of confused throughout the story because I decided not to read the Grisha trilogy first *whoops?* But definitely let me know what you think of SoC when you’ve finished it.
    I’ve read This Savage Song and honestly/personally I wasn’t the biggest fan. I really wanted to love it, but for some reason I couldn’t fully get into the story and connect with the characters which was really sad and slightly frustrating (for me). I can see why others love it so much though 👍

    I hope you get to read all those books and enjoy them lovely! ☺️ (idk if anything I said in this comment made sense)

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    1. Thank youuuu! 💗 Okay, finally someone who agrees that summer is the worst time of year. I just want it to be Fall all the time PLEASE.

      Lol this sounds exactly like me with Strange the Dreamer! I’ve been putting it off for a while, and now I have to finish my current read, then read Vengeful, and then finally Strange the Dreamer. It’s been taking me forever to get to it. I hope you end up loving it when you read it!!

      AHH I’m REALLLLY excited for SoC!! I was considering skipping Grisha because I think some people do, and I hear SoC is sooo much better, but I decided I would just go for it and do the whole thing. I’m pretty sure I’ll be freaking out about SoC whenever I read it so we will have to talk about it for sure!!

      Aw I’m sorry you didn’t love This Savage Song! I’ve heard some mixed reviews on it, and I’m not expecting to love it as much as Schwab’s other books, so I’ll have to see how it goes. I like the sound of the it so hopefully it goes well lol😅 I would hate to be disappointed by Schwab!

      Thanks so much for your nice comment, as always!! And lol no worries you made sense! But I get what you mean, sometimes I have no idea what I’m trying to say😂😂

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      1. LOL ikr! Everyone’s like “summer is the best” and i’m like “no not really”.

        I really really want to read Strange the Dreamer, but at the same time I always have another book that I have to read before it. I feel so bad for putting it off, but what can I do? *cough read the book cough cough*

        Ahh yes skip Grisha! 😂 Honestly, I didn’t learn anything about the Grishaverse before reading SoC, and most of the time I was fine understanding what they were talking about. But IT IS SMARTER to read the background info first lmao. I look forward to chatting about it with you.

        Aw I mean you might really like TSS! I hope you do. Honestly I’m wasn’t really interested by the book, but I wanted to give it a try 😬 But I have a feeling that I’ll like ADSOM better (I hope).

        And you’re welcome Brianna! As always I love reading your posts 😊

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  4. Ahhhhh so many good books!!! I’m so excited for you to read Six of Crows!!! I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it! And This Savage Song!! And This Monstrous Thing is great too! And ooh, I really liked Nevernight as well!

    And Vengeful and City of Ghosts!!!!! I want to read both of them SO bad!!!!! And also The Steel Prince!! AHHHHHHH ALL THE SCHWAB!!!

    Plus I really need to read Scythe too… Were we going to buddy read that?

    Hahahahaha, lol it’s about time you read The Raven King! 😂 Honestly I miss those characters so much too! They’re so precious!

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    1. I don’t know how I’ve missed out on all these good ones but I’m going to finally read them. It will happen!! And I will probably talk about them nonstop to you! ALSO I’m so glad we can relate on how great Schwab is now because Schwab deserves ALL the praise in the world.

      And YES YES YES we need to buddy read Scythe!! I actually have a tentative plan of what I’m reading next (lol I know, hard to believe) so I’ll let you know in my next message on GR and we can discuss when it’ll work best for both of us😁

      Lollll I know it’s been years and I need to finish TRK already. Why am I like this😂 But same, I miss the characters so so so much.

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  5. I’m so ready for fall as well; I’m SO over summer and the hot weather, lol. 😂😩 I really want to read Strange the Dreamer and Six of Crows as well; they’re both super-hyped books that I need to read (and hopefully not be disappointed by). And ahhh I’m so excited for you to read Scythe!! It’s honestly such an incredible sci-fi book; the world-building is AMAZING. ❤️

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    1. Right?? Summer needs to end already ughh I’m over it. Ooh yes Strange the Dreamer and Six of Crows are so hyped, and it’s making me extra excited to read them!! But same, I hope I don’t end up disappointed by either😬 Yaaay I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Scythe & I’ll have to let you know what I think once I read it😁

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  6. Fall is my favourite as well! It used to be winter when I lived in a much warmer country, but now that I’m in England I find autumn the perfect balance of temperature. It’s so relaxing to take a walk outside and feel the breeze while it’s still warm enough that I don’t have to wear five layers of jackets.

    I’m so glad you read Vicious and have joined the Vengeful hype train! Obviously I’d now recommend you to read Strange the Dreamer ASAP in time for Muse of Nightmares, but your entire TBR list is full of strong choices!

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    1. Yesss, all the love for Fall! The weather is honestly the best; not too hot, not too cold. And it’s just such a nice time of year❤️

      Ahh I’ve definitely joined the Vengeful hype train and I’m loooving it! Not too much longer😃 And haha I know right, there’s so many choices!! I’m planning to read Strange the Dreamer after Vengeful though so I’m ready for Muse of Nightmares 🙂

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    1. I’ll definitely have to talk with you when I read Scythe, Grisha & Nevernight!! So excited😄 And same, Strange the Dreamer will be my first Laini Taylor, and I’ve heard only positive things about it😊

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  7. I didn’t realize Mackenzi Lee had earlier books (I thought Gentleman’s Guide was her debut), so I’m excited to learn there’s another book to check out! I really loved Scythe. Funny, I’d never even heard of it until my son got assigned it as a summer reading book. He didn’t end up reading it, but I did, and thought it was terrific (and so was the sequel). Looks like you’ve got some great reading coming up!

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    1. Yeah I didn’t know Mackenzi Lee had other books until recently! I think This Monstrous Thing is her only other one currently out.
      Oh good, I’m happy to hear another positive opinion on Scythe; glad you enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to picking it up soon😃


    1. Ooh that’s cool we both have some similar books on our TBRs! And lol seems like you’re about to have a great month of reading for October 🙂 Enjoy!!

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  8. I love fall too, it’s such a pretty season and I like the cool weather too 🙂 For me, I still read contemporary fiction in the fall haha, I read this genre no matter the season! Strange the Dreamer is one of the books I’m really hoping to read this year.
    Happy reading! ❤

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    1. Yay for more Fall love!! Lol saaame though, I’m actually reading a bunch of contemporary books right now as I wait for Vengeful. Honestly it’s never a bad time for contemporary💗 And ooh I hope you enjoy Strange the Dreamer!
      Thank you & happy reading to you as well!! 🙂

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  9. “It’s the most, wonderful time of the year!” YESSSSSSSSSSS on all the fall related comments! GOOD RIDDANCE summer! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    You have some really awesome books lined up! I have a lot of those on my own TBR, but sadly not for this fall.

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    1. YES I could not agree more. I’m loving all this hype for Fall!

      I’m really looking forward to this TBR. 🙂 And aw that’s too bad, but I hope you enjoy whatever books you end up reading!!

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  10. Almost all these books are on my TBR as well!! I’m especially looking forward to reading Scythe, Nevernight and V.E. Schwab’s books! I actually saw Vengeful in the bookstore yesterday and was so tempted to buy it, I guess they accidentally put it out early!
    I’ve read Shadow and Bone and its sequel years ago but I think Six of Crows is way better! I honestly didn’t remember anything from the Grisha trilogy when I picked up SoC so if you’re really excited to read it you honestly don’t have to read S&B first 😀

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    1. Ooh Nevernight and Scythe are supposed to be really good; I hope you love them! And oh my gosh I’ve been meaning to make a trip to the bookstore to see if they put Vengeful out early because sometimes they do that haha. But yesss Schwab is excellent and I’d definitely recommend her books😁

      Ahh yeah I’ve heard SoC is so much better! I was considering just skipping the Grisha trilogy but I feel like I may as well try it first. I think I’ll like it enough, but if not, I’ll just read SoC lol! Thank you for the suggestion Mara, I’ll definitely keep it in mind💗 Happy reading!!


    1. Haha this is honestly the best advice! I’ve actually been trying to do that lately and it really does help lol. Although sometimes I read an incomplete series and by the time the next book comes out… all interest is gone😅 Ahh the struggle!
      And thank you for the suggestion, Claire💞

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    1. This comment makes me so excited for these books, Elizabeth! I’m so excited for Six of Crows and Strange the Dreamer 🙂 I think they’re going to be incredible! Thank you💗

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