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Hello & happy Wednesday, my friends! I hope you’ve all been having a great week. I’m doing a tag today and I’m quite excited about this one 🙂

I was tagged by Mara @ Across the Books to do the Bookish A-Z survey. Mara is such a sweet person and an excellent blogger. Plus her site has the absolute cutest design!! Thank you so much for the tag Mara, I appreciate it❤️

A- Author you’ve read the most books from

I went on Goodreads to figure this out and it’s… Jennifer L. Armentrout?? I was confused because I don’t really consider her a favorite. But I guess it makes sense because a few years ago I read all of her Lux series (these were pretty bad), her Covenant series (these were better), and a few standalones, making it a grand total of 14 books by her.

B- Best sequel ever

I was trying to think of a sequel, like strictly the second book in a series, and I think I’m going to go with Catching Fire. This one was my fave of the THG series. Also I had to resist saying Vengeful for this answer because I’m not even halfway done but WOW I think that’ll actually end up being the best sequel I’ve read.

C- Currently reading


Okay but WHY ARE THESE COVERS SO SIMILAR? This was unplanned. I’m kinda digging the black & red theme though. Anyway I was in the middle of reading Solitaire by Alice Oseman, but then Vengeful came out so I had to drop everything I was doing to read it. I’m going to come back to Solitaire later lol.

D- Drink of choice while reading

Well I never thought I’d say this, but tea. You guys, why did I spend so many years hating on tea? I never realized how many different variations and flavors there were, so I just started trying them all within the last month. Now it’s all I drink while reading. Favorite type so far: Baked Cinnamon Apple. I am here for the FALL VIBES.

E- E-reader or physical book?

I like both. I mean if I had to choose, I’d prefer a physical book, but e-readers have grown on me over the years. Especially because there’s lots of ebook deals, which is always a plus.

F- Fictional Character You Would’ve Dated In High School

I didn’t date anyone in high school, but I was massively in love with Will Herondale back then (and lets be real, I still am).

G- Glad you gave this book a chance

I was very skeptical to read this because I never was a fan of fairytales tbh, especially Cinderella. I’m so very happy I decided to give Cinder a chance though because THIS was the perfect retelling. I love everything about it. The entire Lunar Chronicles series is now one of my favorites.❤️

H- Hidden gem book

Know Not Why by Hannah Johnson is the single most underhyped book I’ve ever read. Listen: it is literally about a guy who gets a job at craft store because he thinks it’s a good way to meet girls, but while he’s working there, he falls for another male employee instead. An m/m romance in a craft store, people!! It really exists, and it’s really as cute as it sounds.

I- Important moment in your reading life

A few months ago when I read Eliza and Her Monsters and it inspired me to join the online book community. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I’ve been the happiest I’ve been in a long time since I started blogging. Sorry for getting all sentimental, I just love you guys :’) Thank you for being so supportive and talking about books with me.❤️

J- Just finished

Oh sorry I’m about to get sentimental again, but Radio Silence CHANGED MY LIFE. This one hit me way harder than I expected and I’m thankful I randomly decided to pick it up last week. I should have my review of this up by soon, but I’m kinda nervous, because it’s definitely going to be a bit personal. Anyway I HIGHLY recommend this book. Highly.

K- Kinds of books I won’t read

Any of those adult mystery/thriller books. There’s so many and I just have zero interest.

L- Longest book you’ve read

Last October, I got caught up in the hype when this movie came out, so I decided to just go for it and read the book. It took me a month, but I read all 1,166 pages of It by Stephen King. Was it good? Sure. But was it the most unnecessarily dragged out book in existence? Most definitely.

M- Major book hangover because of

Oh, Shades of Magic, WHY did you have to come to an end and leave me in emotional turmoil? Yes, I am still in the midst of a book hangover from this series even though it’s been about a month since I finished it. It was just… it was… so good. I can’t wait to reread it one day, but I guess I must move on to other things for now. *sigh* I miss Red London.

N- Number of bookcases you own

Only one! But I should probably get a new one because it’s overflowing. I’ve been shoving way too many books on my desk shelves now and it’s all getting pretty chaotic.

O- One book you have read multiple times

What a classic. I think I’ve gone through The Lightning Thief at least 4 times, and it really never gets old. I’ve actually been tempted to pick it up again and read the whole PJO series before I finally get to Heroes of Olympus. We’ll seeee. 🙂

P- Preferred place to read

To me, there’s no better place to read than in bed in complete silence. Unless it’s raining, which somehow makes reading even better?

Q- Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you have read

This simple quote from Ned Vizzini’s It’s Kind of A Funny Story always inspires me when I’m having a bad mental health day:

“Things to do today:

1. Breathe in

2. Breathe out”

R- Reading regret

That I stopped reading fantasy books for a while! I was almost exclusively reading contemporary for ages. But now I’m out of this fantasy slump (yay!) and I’m ready to catch up on all the hyped series I’ve missed out on.

S- Series you started and need to finish


Lol I have so many unfinished series that I actually wrote a whole post about this last week, but the one I’ve been putting off for the longest time is The Raven Cycle. I’ve had The Raven King on my shelf just waiting to be read for over two years now. I neeeed to read it!

T- Three of your all-time favorite books


Carry On, Clockwork Princess, and History is All You Left Me are books I want to hug forever and ever and never let go. Even though the latter two emotionally destroyed me.

U- Unapologetic fangirl for

I’m going to steal Mara’s answer for this: Young Adult books!! I will always be an unapologetic fangirl for this genre, no matter how old I get. I’ve had friends in my life act like they’re somehow better now that they’re reading more “mature” books, but I’m still stuck on YA and I have no shame. It’s the absolute best.

V- Very excited for this release more than all the others

AHHHH I STILL CAN’T GET OVER IT. Honestly though I’m not convinced that Wayward Son is actually happening?? Like I must be in some kind of dream because a sequel to Carry On has been everything I’ve ever wanted. Also it really hurts that my most anticipated release doesn’t come out until 2020, but more Simon & Baz content will be worth the wait :’)

W- Worst Bookish habit

Sometimes… I read ahead. I KNOW this is so dumb but I just get so desperate to find out what happens that I start skimming the next few pages. Or even the ending. I’m the actual worst.

X- X marks the spot: start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book

I got way too excited when I started counting and #27 was freaking Clockwork Angel. I l o v e this book. Love. LOVE. I’ll always appreciate it for being the perfect debut of an all time favorite series, and of course, for introducing me to Will Herondale (I just really love him, okay?)

Y- Your latest book purchase

More Schwab, more Schwaaaab! I just bought City of Ghosts today and I’m so hyped to finally read it. I’m saving it for October because I’ve been catching up on other books and it also seems like a fitting month to read it.

Z- ZZZ-snatcher book (last book that kept you up way too late)

This is hard to answer because I tend to stay up later than I should every night reading, but A Very Large Expanse of Sea kept me up pretty late last week. There’s just something about Tahereh Mafi’s writing that made this one hard to put down.

Alright, that about wraps things up! Thank you again to Mara for the tag; this one was a whole lot of fun. 🙂 I’m going to tag these lovely people to do this next:

If I tagged you, I’d love to see your answers, but there’s no pressure to do it of course! And if I didn’t, please consider yourself tagged if you’d like to do this 🙂

Also I just wanted to say I’m really sorry I’ve been MIA on here for over a week. Aghh I was planning on posting a couple reviews, but I was struggling to write them and got stuck in a review slump. I’ve been working on those, and some other tags, and a few more fun things to post so I have no plans to disappear again lol. Thank you for understanding❤️

Enjoy the rest of your week, you guys! I’m off to go read Vengeful now because things are getting EXCITING.

32 thoughts on “Tag: Bookish A-Z Survey

  1. Oh, thank you so much for tagging me, Brianna!! ❤️❤️ This tag looks so fun, I can’t wait to do it hehe. (I honestly have such a long list of book tags to get through, though. 😂😩) Anyway, I loved reading your responses!

    Know Not Why sounds like such a great contemporary, omg. I immediately added it to my TBR once I read your description of it in this post haha. I’m so excited to read it! And I’m so glad that you decided to join the book blogging community after reading Eliza and Her Monsters (since I got to meet you)! And I completely agree, the blogging community is the best. 💞

    Ohh I’m so happy you loved Radio Silence; I loved it too!! I’m really excited to read your review of it, and I’m proud of you for opening up in that review. 💕 And YES you already know how much I love PJO and same, I’ll never get tired of rereading it.

    Sorry for my long comment haha, I just wanted to comment on everything since I loved this post 😂💗 Again, thanks for tagging me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THIS COMMENT! You’re so sweet, thank youuu💗 No worries about getting to the tag!! I feel you, I have quite a few I’ve been trying to get done. I’m looking forward to all of them but I just gotta find the time to do them lol.

      Know Not Why is seriously one of the most adorable things EVER. I’m so glad you added it! And AHH you’re so nice, I’m super glad I got to meet you through blogging too❤️

      Radio Silence was incredible, right?? Thanks for the encouragement about the review; that means more than you know😊 And YESSS haha I’ll definitely be ranting to you about how good PJO/HOO are when I get to read them!

      Oh nooo don’t apologize for the long comment, it was so nice of you to leave one! I loved it. And you’re very welcome for the tag💗😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww Brianna!! This reply honestly made my day. 😭💞 Yesss, Radio Silence was amazing!! And aww of course, I’ll always be here to encourage and support you in everything you do. And hahahah yay, I’ve been loving our bookish conversations and I love ranting with you too 😂❤️


  2. Great post and tag as always Brianna! 💗 (btw ya know it’s gonna be a long comment when I start making bullet points 😂)
    1. JENNIFER L ARMENTROUT AHHHHHH! So, like you said, she’s not my favorite author but I love her books anyways. I actually really enjoyed the Lux series (it’s kind of “trashy”, buttttt…), and I haven’t finished the Covenant series (but I totally should). HAVE YOU READ THE PROBLEM WITH FOREVER BY HER?
    2. I’m so glad you got into drinking tea! I’ve been drinking green tea since I was very little, but I need to try some Baked Cinnamon Apple 😂
    3. I really need to read Radio Silence and all Alice Olseman books! I’ve been dying to get RS and Solitaire, but I haven’t had time *I cry*
    4. I’m so glad you enjoyed EAHM. And I’m even more happy (idk if that’s grammatically correct lmao) that you decided to join this community. You are absolutely amazing and I love reading your posts 💗
    5. SAME. I CANNOT READ HORROR OR MYSTERY OR THRILLER BOOKS. I get nightmares so easily lol. But have you read Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco? (I feel like we’ve talked about this before, but my memory is so bad 😭)
    6. I still need to read HIAYLM (I hope you get that abbreviation 😅), but CLOCKWORK PRINCESS WAS MIND BLOWING! Have you heard about the spin off series for TID?

    Anyways, I’m so sorry my comments are always so long *nervous laugh* And don’t worry lovely! I always get that writing slump when I write reviews, but definitely take your time! 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KAT!! Thank you so much💞 Your comments honestly make me so happy, and don’t worry this’ll be long too since I’m responding in list form😂
      1. Hahaha YES I clearly like Jennifer L Armentrout to some degree because I’ve read 14 of her books, but it just surprised me that I’ve read that many😂 I agree about Lux, it was pretty trashy… buuut I still read the entire series in like less than two weeks, haha it was honestly so hard to put down. Ooh I liked Covenant a lot though! And YEAH I have read The Problem With Forever!! I wish I could remember it, but it’s been a long time. I know I enjoyed it though 🙂
      2. Ooh I’ve been trying to acquire a taste for green tea for YEARS but I’m still not liking it!! Ugh I wish I did. I will continue trying it😂
      3. Yesss Alice Oseman is a current fave, and I totally recommend anything by her😃
      4. YOU’RE SO SWEET, THANK YOU. I’m so glad I joined too, I got to meet you!!
      5. Right? I’m just not really in to the mystery/thriller books either. I haven’t read Stalking Jack the Ripper yet but I’ve had the book for ages! I need to read it. Lol we might’ve talked about it before, I can’t remember either😂
      6. You should read HIAYLM soooon! We can talk about how good it is! And ugh YESS agreed about Clockwork Princess😭 I have heard about the spinoff series!! I’ve been waiting for so many years for it and I’m SO EXCITED.

      Ahh no please never apologize for your long comments!! It means so much that you take the time to respond to my posts and I always love to hear from you😊 Thank you thank you thank you!!


      1. HAHA thank you 💗 I just want to make sure you don’t find it annoying because I know super long comments can become tedious (for some people). But I, like you, really appreciate and love receiving long comments 😂 *me casually making the assumption that you enjoy long comments rip*

        1. LOL. I was reading your post and i saw “14 of her books” and I was like “oh my gosh. She has 14+ books?!?!?” 😂 I’m not really up to date with all of her adult novels (ex: white hot kiss, etc.) I’m so glad you enjoyed the Covenant series and TPWF! Ahhhh TPWF is literally one of my fav books ever 🙈
        2. Yaaaa green tea is a hard drink for quite a lot of people to like (that did not make any sense). It’s like a hit or miss; you have to find the really good green tea brands otherwise it’s too bitter or whatnot. Since I’m Asian (not being stereotypical or racist), drinking green tea is pretty common for my ethnicity 👍 And honestly, don’t force yourself to drink it 😂
        3. rajgaoierjgaoigjafd BARNES & NOBLE HERE I COME
        5. OMG you must read SJTR asap (no pressure). Personally I really really enjoyed it, even though I know a lot of people didn’t…But I hope you like it if you ever read it 😬
        6. IK! I MUST READ ALL OF ADAM’S BOOKS ASAP 😭 And I will definitely come chat with you when I *finally* read it! And the spin off series (of TID) makes me a little nervous 😬 Like I can’t wait for it, but at the same time I really liked how Clockwork Princess ended and how we left that world…(if that makes any sense)

        Ahhhhh thank you so much Brianna! It honestly means so much to me that you’re saying (well typing 😂) these kind words and taking the time to read through and respond to meee. I always love hearing from you too! 💞


  3. Vicious is on my TBR. I can’t wait to start the series. Ah I adore tea! I was hesitant to read Cinder too, just because I prefer fantasy over sci-fis but I’m so glad I read it! Radio Silence is also on my TBR and I’ve heard nothing but good things! Loved your answers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh I’m so happy to hear Vicious is on your TBR; it’s honestly amazing. Yess tea is so good! And same here, I’ve always been more in to fantasy than sci-fi so that made me even more reluctant to read Cinder. I’m glad we both gave it a chance and enjoyed it though❤️ Yaay, Radio Silence is incredible – hope you love it as much as I did!
      Thank you so much Cindy!! I appreciate it 🙂


  4. Thank you for the tag! I will get on that this weekend, I haven’t done a tag on my blog yet, only on Instagram so let’s see how it goes.
    God some great answers, I have now added even more books to my tbr, so yeah… Somehow always happens when I read your blog..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome!! Ooh I hope you like this one as your first tag 🙂 I can’t wait to see your answers!
      And aw I’m glad to hear you’ve found some books to add to your TBR from my blog💞 That makes me happy, even though like me, I’m sure you already have a massive TBR😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Always great to have something new to write about here 😀
        Lol, yeah I think I have around 200 books I haven’t read yet.. Plus the ones I don’t own. Its so stupid but I keep adding more.. Bet you know how it is, there is just SO many books out there!


  5. My copy of Vengeful arrived today (thank Amazon Prime), and like you I immediately dropped everything else to read it. I have two other books I’m currently reading and both of them are now on the back burner until I finish Vengeful lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh I was going to order it on Amazon too but I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist getting the the ebook right when it came out lol! But same here, everything else is on hold rn while I finish Vengeful. I hope you end up loving it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my god they have it at my local library!! I should probably finish the 17 books I already borrowed first, but after that I will pick it up for sure! That should leave me some time to prepare for a heartbreak..

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for the kind words Brianna, you’re the sweetest!!❤️
    Omg I just read Obsidian this month and I have to say I’m really going to rant about it in my review haha😂 I can totally see why people love that series but it just wasn’t for me, at all!
    I’ve yet to read The Raven King as well, but I’ve heard some pretty mixed things about the ending so I’ve just been avoiding it! And you have to pick up Heroes of Olympus asap, just push through the first book because the series just gets better and better with each book! HoO is tied with Percy Jackson as my favourite Rick Riordan series. The cast of characters and their dynamics are just fantastic 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anytime Mara, and thanks again for the tag!! 💞
      Oh boy I’m so looking forward to your rant review about Obsidian😂 I flew through that entire series and then questioned why on earth I did… like it really wasn’t worth it to be honest lol.
      Right same here for TRK! I’m reluctant to read it based on mixed reviews. And ahh you like HoO it as much as PJO?? That makes me even more excited to read it😍


  7. Ahahahaha, you have caught the Schwab obsession! That doesn’t even make sense and I don’t care! (I’m tired. Could you tell?) I’m happy you are so obsessed with Schwab now too!! And ahhhh, the book hangover from Shades of Magic was REAL. Seriously. SO GOOD!! I love that series sooooo much!!
    Also seriously every time you mention Vengeful I get even more excited to read it.

    Know Not Why sounds SO cute! I really want to read that now!

    And I still sort of can’t believe Wayward Son is actually happening. It just feels unreal. And AHHHHH I’M SO HYPED!!!!

    I’m very glad you joined the online bookish community 💕

    (Also I’m just going to steal this tag because it looks fun and I desperately need to post something…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have indeed caught the Schwab obsession, all thanks to you lol! I still remember reading one of your blog posts back in like July I think? and it was Schwab mini reviews, which is when I was first intrigued to read her books!!
      But yeah I don’t think this Shades of Magic book hangover will EVER end😩 AND AHH VENGEFUL! You should be verrrry excited 🙂

      I’m so happy you added Know Not Why AHHHH it’s honestly the cutest. Like the whole concept is just amazing. I love it.

      I don’t think I’ll believe Wayward Son is real until I have an actual copy in my hands. HOW IS IT ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

      Aw thank you I’m SO glad I joined too!!💗

      Oh yeah no worries, feel free to steal this tag! I’ll look forward to all your answers😊

      Liked by 1 person

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