Top Ten Tuesday // The Longest Books I’ve Read Are Also Some Faves

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010 and is now hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. 🙂

The prompt for TTT today is the longest books you’ve ever read and putting this list together made me realize these are actually some of my favorite books of all time. I mean, this may or may not have to do with the fact that most of this list is Harry Potter and Shadowhunters, but still.

I think massive books can be intimidating, but they can also be so exciting when they’re genuinely good ones or part of a favorite series. I tend to like them a lot, even if they’re pretty scary at first.

Here’s the longest books I’ve read, in order from least to greatest amount of pages:

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab – 624 Pages8A60FA82-1FDA-4684-9DAC-8AF9186F3238

It takes everything in me not to mention this series in every post, but I do have an excuse today since A Conjuring of Light is the 10th longest book I’ve read. This actually came as a surprise to me since I read the e-book and didn’t have any idea this book was *that* massive. Ugh this series. I still can’t get over it. All my love to Shades of Magic, forever and ever and ever. ❤

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer – 629 Pages8F0858BE-1B8B-4C2E-9D6A-905A504ADA69

I was never hugely in to Twilight, but I did read the first three in middle school back when the hype was very, very real. I feel like there’s lots of strong opinions regarding this series, but I’m honestly just kind of neutral on the whole thing. I mean, is it quality literature? Not really. But is it still good fun? Sure. Also, Eclipse was actually the one I enjoyed the most out of the series so I’m glad this is the one that made the list at least.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling – 652 pages


Half-Blood Prince is prob my fave of the series (I still struggle to pick one though) and I’ll  never forget the amount of stress I had trying to finish this book before the movie came out. I accidentally spent too long on Order of The Phoenix, and then I had to read this nonstop for about 3 days straight so I was ready for the premiere. Ahh I’m nostalgic. HP memories are the best memories :’)

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare – 720 pages


I know some people do, but I have no problem with Cassandra Clare dragging out the Shadowhunters books making them longer and longer each time. I feel like they’re only getting better tbh. Also, I never talk about how much I actually adore The Dark Artifices because I (somehow) still haven’t read Lord of Shadows. I’m just waiting until the end of November at this point because you guys keep warning me about the cliffhanger (I am… scared). But anyway Lady Midnight was excellent, Emma Carstairs is an icon, and I’m here for all the long Shadhowhunters books.

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare – 725 Pages


I’ve anticipated dozens of books over the years, but nothing will ever compare to how painful it was to wait for this one to come out. Knowing there were 725 pages of unread Shadowhunters content caused some great anguish and impatience. It was so worth the wait though. And I was thrilled that this one was as long as it was to conclude this very dear series. So much LOVE for this.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling – 734 Pages


I think it’s funny how the first three books are each like a few hundred pages long, but then they’re suddenly double in size starting with Goblet of Fire. I remember being so intimidated but excited about this when I first read the series because I’d never even come close to reading a book this long. Such a good one though and I’ll never forget how intense the ending of this was.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling – 759 Pages


I know I just said that Half-Blood Prince was my favorite, but this was such an epic one that I really don’t know which one I liked more. This is one of those books that was justifiably long because of how much still needed to be wrapped up in this series. And what a perfect conclusion it was.

Winter by Marissa Meyer – 827 Pages


Is it just me, or does no one else remember this book being this long? I was genuinely shocked when I saw the page count of this as I was putting this list together. I have no recollection of this being over 800 pages. But either way, this was another wonderful conclusion to a favorite series. I loved the team-up of all the characters in this one and AH I just adore The Lunar Chronicles. But seriously… since when was this book THIS LONG?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling – 870 Pages


Oh look more HP! This freaking book, you guys. Look, Harry Potter is my absolute favorite but I gotta say, this one was kind of a struggle to get through. I think it’s such an important point in the series, and I get that, but why did it have to be so long? I mean Dumbledore’s Army is cool and all but I can only take so much of Umbridge. Still though, it’s Harry Potter so it is an automatic favorite nonetheless.

It by Stephen King – 1,166 Pages


And finally, the longest book I’ve ever read was It. I picked this up last October because I enjoyed the movie so much last year and I’m still kind of surprised I finished it. It took me a solid month to get through this one, and I think it was probably too drawn out, but I did like it enough. It’s so different than what I normally read, and it had some very questionable and problematic parts, but I was glad to have tried out a Stephen King book I suppose? I probably won’t read him again though to be honest.

Okay, that concludes the longest books I’ve read! I really liked this prompt today because I didn’t ever really think about this before. I was surprised by some of these (Winter, A Conjuring of Light) and not so surprised by others (Harry Potter, Shadowhunters). It was pretty fun finding out which one’s were the longest.

Also! I have a quick update that has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I’d share anyway: I’m in the process of redesigning my blog! I think I’ll start getting some changes up within the next few days, so I wanted to give you guys a heads up. I don’t know if I’m doing anything drastic yet, but we’ll see. I might just be adding some color, or I might just go all out and change my whole theme. I’m still deciding lol.

But anyway if you have any recs for websites that are helpful for design or have themes, please do let me know! I’m using Canva and Adobe Spark Post right now, but if there’s any others you think I should know about, that would be much appreciated. Thanks friends ❤

Hope you’re all having a good Tuesday 🙂


35 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // The Longest Books I’ve Read Are Also Some Faves

  1. SAME!! I had literally no clue that Winter was anywhere near that long??? I only remember flying though it lol! And if you wanted, maybe we could buddy read Lord of Shadows? Lol I’m waiting until the end of November too haha. I also use Canva, so I’m not a ton of help here😂😂

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    1. I was so confused like I had no idea Winter was this long?? How?? Ahahah I’m glad I’m not alone though.
      YES ahh we should totally buddy read Lord of Shadows. I think I might reread LM first because I have no memory of what happened lol but I’m totally down for a buddy read😁
      Awh no prob! I feel like Canva is the easiest to use and there’s so many ways to design so I’ll probably stick with it anyway 🙂

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  2. I find long books so intimidating as well, mainly because there’s so much time involved in reading them haha.

    I knew some of the Harry Potter books were long, but I had no idea just how long! It’s so crazy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True! They’re a big dedication lol.
      And I know right?? I can’t believe how long the HP books are, especially since they’re considered children’s books. But I love them all the same!


  3. I knew how many pages Winter had (I’m not sure why, but I did), but it totally came as a surprise to me when I first realized too! Because it’s not that huge of a book size wise, because the pages are SUPER thin. It’s sort of weird. And also really huge.

    I’m actually surprised some of the HP books are that long though! For some reason in my mind, while Deathly Hallows and Half Blood Prince were long, they were more like in the five or six hundreds. I’m not sure WHY…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh maybe that’s why I never realized Winter was so long! Because the book itself doesn’t look that big, so it must be the thin pages. Lol I can’t believe I never actually processed how long that book is until now.

      SAME! I knew OoTP was super long (because it took me a billion years to read it) but the others were surprising to find out.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg really?? That’s some good planning because massive books ARE intimidating. Also I read ACOL as an ebook and seriously had NO IDEA it was that long until I did this post… I was like what do you mean 10th longest book I’ve read ???


      1. I actually love massive books when I’ve been anticipating them and want my reading experience to last as long as possible. Like I was SO happy looking at ACOL’s thick spine.

        How did you create this list? Is this another goodreads function I have not exploited ?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. okay yeah same!! It’s actually exciting when you’re in the midst of a good series and the next book is enormously long bc it’s just more good content.

        Oh yeah so on desktop, you can go to your read shelf and at the bottom where it says “sort” you can select “num pages” and it’ll put them in order. On mobile it’ll say “sorted by” at the top and you can click on that and do the same


      3. WHOA I did not know all those ways to sort your books existed. Im just gonna do one of these posts as an excuse to promo my faves 🙂

        I sorted by avg rating and Crooked Kingdom is #3 🙂 another reason for you to read SOC!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Lmao it was such a great discovery when I found out about it. And ooh yes please go for it, share your faves!!

        CROOKED KINGDOM IS LONG YAY ugh I’m so excited for this whole SoC experience


      5. Yes I’ll share my faves so I can aggressively push more books at you 🙂

        So iris said that you posted a general update with your blog to hype people for it a while ago. What did you say in it? That sounds like a good idea but I’m so awkward when promoting myself lmao

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Okay so I was trying to remember even a little bit of what I said but I realized I had no memory of this update so I went back to my updates from July and found it lol:

        “IT’S UP. I’ve finally created a blog, and my first post HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. I genuinely thought I’d never say those words. I would be so happy if you would check it out if you have the time:

        The support I’ve found here on Goodreads was a huge contributing factor in my ability to finally create a blog. Seriously. Thank you guys so much”


      7. HAHA I know I was feeling heartfelt and serious bc this blog was so many years in the making that I felt like a changed person when I actually made it. I get sentimental over this blog for real. But yeah you can basically say anything about creating a blog in your update and people will be nice!! Tell them there’s cats involved lol


      8. Aw of course anytime !! also I’m literally so excited about your blog it’s gonna be iconic


      9. Thanks! Your ADSOM series review makes me want to launch myself into the sun, but it’s also inspiring me to do one myself instead of adding on weird reread thoughts to my reviews of each book 🙂 YAY

        also, I just posted a shameless GR update about it and am so excited for everyone to stan me!


    1. They really are massive! OOtP was definitely difficult for me to get through as well; partly because of it’s size and partly because I just wasn’t finding it as intriguing as the others. Haha, I have it in hardback – it’s so heavy!
      Thanks for the comment Beatrice💗

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