End of the Year Book Tag (2018)

Hello hello, happy Tuesday! ❄️

It’s nearly 2019 and that means it’s time for some end of the year reflecting and planning. I’ve seen this tag around for a while and it seems like it’ll be a great way to (somewhat) organize my reading life for this month and for next year. 🙂

 1. Are there any book you started this year that you need to finish?

Indeed! I started each of these at some point during the year and DNF them for various reasons, but I really want to come back to them in 2019.

2. Do you have an autumnal book to transition into the end of the year?

I guess it’s *technically* still autumn, but I’m feeling the wintery vibes now so I’ll answer this question with Carry On! I already did a reread a few months ago, but I always feel like this is a must read for the end of the year despite it only having a small Christmas part. I’m verrry excited to buddy read this with Sarah this month!

3. Is there a new release that you’re still waiting for?

Nope, not anymore. I’ve finished Queen of Air and Darkness and that was my last anticipated release of the year. And I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do with myself now that it’s over honestly :’)

4. What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?

Great question, because I… don’t actually know what I’m reading the rest of the month. I started an ARC of A Place for Wolves yesterday though – it’s GOOD. I’d also like to try to finish my read of (Don’t) Call Me Crazy which I’ve been meaning to pick back up for ages. And of course, Carry On, which I’m always hyped for.

 5. Is there a book you think could still shock you & become a favorite of the year?

I’m still deciding if I’ll start The Cruel Prince this month or if I will in early January, closer to the release date of The Wicked King. BUT if I do finish it before 2019, it definitely has potential to become a favorite of the year. Especially because I’m very much in the mood to read about faeries again after Queen of Air and Darkness.

6. Have you already started making reading plans for 2019?

I have made TOO many plans, but here’s just a few I’d like to focus on:

  • Read 100 books (I’ve never set a reading challenge before, so we’ll see if this works out)
  • Continue catching up on fantasy series I’ve missed out on
  • Read more diverse books from diverse authors
  • Keep up with ARCs!!!

And that’s all I’ve got for today, folks. I won’t be tagging anyone specific because I’m not sure who’s already done this one. But if you want to do this, please do and consider yourself tagged!

I hope you all have been having a great December so far and that you’re looking forward to all that 2019 has to offer. ❤️ I’ll be back with a post this Thursday on my most anticipated 2019 releases, and I cannot WAIT to share it because I’ve truthfully never been more excited about a list of books in my whole life.

Have a happy Tuesday friends! ❄️❄️❄️

29 thoughts on “End of the Year Book Tag (2018)

  1. This was such a great end of the year tag and your answers were awesome! I’ve been DYING to read the Cruel Prince and am also trying to decide if I should read it now or later..
    I definitely want to try and keep up with ARCs next year as well so i’m crossing my fingers for the both of us! Happy Holidays! 🙂

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    1. I know right?? I’ve also been dying to read TCP recently – I keep seeing it all over the place and I’m so tempted to pick it up already! And ahh I wish you luck with those ARCs! It can be hard to keep up with them sometimes😅
      Thank you so much for this sweet comment Taylor 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful rest of the month and Happy Holidays to you as well❤️

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    1. Ahh QOAAD! I loved it a whole lot, but I will say that I did end up with some mixed feelings as it didn’t *quite* live up to what I thought it’d be. I still had the the best time reading it though and I was generally happy with it❤️ This whole series is just so incredible honestly!

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  2. I’ve not got Queen of Air and Darkness yet as I’m waiting until I’ve got more time off to read it. The wait is torture though as everyone is saying it’s incredible!

    I can’t wait to see your final thoughts on it! 😊

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    1. Oh nooo I’m sorry you can’t read QOAAD yet! but it’s a good idea to wait until you have more time because you honestly won’t be able to put it down💞I hope you end up loving it Rose!

      And awh thank you so much! I plan to post my full review this weekend🤗


  3. Omg I’m definitely doing this tag!! I honestly can’t believe it’s already the end of the year though, ahh. Haha anyway, I loved reading your responses, Brianna! ☺️ I hope you’ll love Warcross and Leah whenever you finish them in 2019. And ahhh I need to read The Cruel Prince as well, but as you know (I think we’ve talked about this lol), it’s such a hyped book which kinda scares me from reading it. 😂

    Can’t wait for your most anticipated 2019 releases post!! There are SO MANY amazing books coming out next year, I CANNOT WAIT. 😍💓

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    1. OOH YAY I can’t wait to read your answers for this tag !!! But also same, I feel like the end of the year just came out of nowhere?? lol

      Omg YES I’m excited to pick Warcross and Leah back up in 2019! I didn’t mean to DNF them at all agh but I can’t wait to read those. And lol I know what you mean about TCP. I’m suddenly getting so hyped for it but I hope it lives up to all the praise😬 Ahh I hope we both both enjoy it!

      Hehe I can’t wait to share my anticipated releases tomorrow (well today, it’s now past midnight as I’m responding lol) but I KNOWWW! There’s just too many good releases coming and this list was so hard to make😅

      Thanks so much for your comment Dezzy, and for always being the kindest!! honestly your comments always make my day💕💕💕

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  4. im a little more than 50% through queen of air and darkness and i refuse to read anymore bc HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO LIVE ONCE ITS ALL OVER??? i cant wait to hear what you think of warcross, i really loved it.

    the cruel prince is REALLY good and the writing and the twists and turns are just incredible. i hope you enjoy it as much as i did. good luck with your 2019 goals!! youre going to rock them!!

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    1. Honestly QOAAD destroyed me and now I can’t read or think about anything else other than Shadowhunters!! but I hope you are loving it and not being too emotionally ruined💞 and ooh I’m very excited to finally finish Warcross!

      Okay you’re making The Cruel Prince sound VERY intriguing and now I want to read it immediately. Ahh I think I’m gonna just go for it even if I have to wait a bit for The Wicked King. It just sounds so good rn!

      And awh May thank you for this encouragement on my 2019 goals!! I hope I can actually follow them this year LOL. Hope you enjoy the rest of December (and the rest of QOAAD)!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. You should totally do this tag! I’d love to read your answers😊 Ahh I hope your library gets a copy of QOAAD soon so you can read it💞 I’ve been seeing you like my updates on GR and that makes me happy that you’re enjoying them hehe!
      Thanks so much for your comment! I hope you’ve been having a great December so far, and happy reading!!


  5. I haven’t read or even seen any of these books! But I’m not so keen on fantasy. Also, I’ve never done a book challenge before, but I think I will do one next year. I hope it won’t affect the quality of books or reading. Happy reading!

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    1. Oh I know how you feel – I’ve actually only just gotten back in to fantasy this year, and so many titles were unrecognizable before then haha! We all have different preferences though and it’s all good☺️ I hope you end up enjoying doing a reading challenge! It’s something I’m a little nervous for as well, but hopefully we will both benefit from it. Thank you so much for your comment and happy reading to you too! ❤️

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  6. Oooh, so many good books! You NEED to read The Foxhole Court!! I adore that series soooo much! And Warcross and Leah are great too!

    And of course Carry On is sooooo fun and such a perfect winter read! I love Simon and Baz with all my heart!

    I think when I get home from visiting family over Christmas I’m going to request a bunch of interlibrary loans again, and I really want to finally read an Adam Silvera book! So I was wondering which one you think I should read first? I’ll probably wait a while before I try They Both Die At the End again, but I can’t decide between More Happy Than Not and History Is All You Left Me… Thoughts??

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    1. AHH I KNOW! I see The Foxhole Court everywhere and I just don’t understand how I haven’t read it yet?! I’ve had the ebook for like 3 years😂 And yaaay I’m really looking forward to picking Leah and Warcross back up💞

      Carry On is going to be the best reread and I’m so EXCITED😭 Your updates from your reread were making me even more hyped lol. Simon & Baz are just the cutest.

      OMG YAY you have no idea how happy I am that you’re planning to read an Adam Silvera book (although I’m sorry because get prepared for some heartbreak lol). I think I’d recommend History Is All You Left Me first. That’s my absolute fave, and everyone seems to like that one the best too. More Happy Than Not is such a close second though. I hope you love either one you pick up & I’ll look forward to hearing what you think !!

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      1. Okay I will start with that one then! I am… very unprepared for the heartbreak this book is going to bring, but I’m super hyped! I can’t wait to FINALLY read an Adam Silvera book.

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  7. Ohh I need to read Carry On before the end of the year too, the difference is that this will be my first time with this book. I’ve read Fangirl back in September and I’m excited for more Baz and Simon, especially with the sequel coming out next year.

    I really have to reread The Cruel Prince before the sequel comes out. The Wicked King is my most anticipated release for now. I can’t believe it’s so close. 😊

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    1. I hope you end up loving Carry On as much as I do! It’s such a fun book and Simon & Baz are just the best💞 And ahh, The Wicked King is coming up so fast! Hope you enjoy☺️


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