Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2019

Happy last day of January, my friends!

It’s reading wrap-up day, which I’m always super excited about, even though I… did not read as much as I wanted to this month. And I also failed at following my monthly TBR (again). Oops.

But it’s honestly alright because I loved almost every single thing I did read this month. And that’s what matters more. ❤️

Here’s all I read in January:

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Rating: ★★★★★img_9769

I did technically start reading this at the end of December, but since I finished it at the beginning of January, I’ll count it in this wrap up. I’m super glad I got to start out 2019 with this book because… it’s The Infernal Devices! I know I can never shut up about how much I love this series, but I love this series, and I was happy to begin the year with it. Plus, this book is genius, even though it always rips my heart out about a million times. Still love it. Still going to keep rereading it.

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Rating: ★★★★★7CBBF21E-FD76-49EA-8835-6C04D19ADF04

Then, of course, I got to read this glorious masterpiece next. I’ve never been able to properly explain just how much I love Clockwork Princess, but it’s honestly everything to me. And I mean everything. Like, quite possibly my favorite book of all time. This is some kind of magnificent piece of literature and, no matter how many times I read it, I don’t think I’m ever going to get over my endless love for it. Or for Will Herondale.86B11B6B-FEB6-4837-950E-F6DB12C25BD3

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Rating: ★★★☆☆


At this point, I hadn’t finished a book that wasn’t by Cassandra Clare in over two months, so I figured it was time to move on. This lead to me picking up The Cruel Prince, which sadly… didn’t captivate me as much as I expected it to. Faeries, the enemies-to-lovers trope, and morally ambiguous characters are all usually my THING, so I was kinda surprised this book fell flat for me. But good news: I did absolutely and wholeheartedly love Jude. I think I may continue this series just for her to be honest.86B11B6B-FEB6-4837-950E-F6DB12C25BD3

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Rating: ★★★★★img_8715-1

I started this reread in December, nearly completed it, and then put it back down for far too long. OOPS. But I did eventually finish it up, and I’m glad I did, because this book always brings me a great amount of joy. It’s a comfort read and one of my very favorites. Reading this also made me that much more hyped for Wayward Son, which is coming out THIS YEAR and I’m still screaming about it.

Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Rating: ★★★★


Meeee… reading a contemporary?? This is an unusual concept. I mean, before this book, I hadn’t read a contemporary since October. But thanks to a recommendation from my friend Dezzy, I rediscovered my love for the genre this month (YAY). Starfish was gorgeously written, emotionally powerful, and an all around beautiful story. I had forgotten just how hard-hitting contemporaries can be. I’ll definitely be reading more soon. 💜86B11B6B-FEB6-4837-950E-F6DB12C25BD3

The Steel Prince (Issues #2, #3, & #4) by V.E. Schwab


I read these to 1.) Get a bit more reading in 2.) Catch up on the new issues and 3.) Revisit one of my very favorite worlds ever. I’ll read any Shades of Magic related content without hesitiation because I love that series with my entire heart. And I’m extremely happy this story is now being expanded in graphic novel format, even though I still don’t love Maxim.

And that’s all I got for this month!

Like I said, I definitely didn’t get through as much as I expected to: 5 books and 3 issues of a graphic novel. But, ya know, it’s alright. I had a particularly poor time with my mental health at a few points during January, which hindered my ability to focus while reading. It happens. I’m learning to accept that I might not be able to read as much as I plan to every month, and that it’s fine if I don’t!

But besides quantity, I did have a successful reading month quality-wise (which is definitely more important anyway). Not counting the graphic novels, all of these books averaged together at 4.4 stars. Plus, I:

  • Started out 2019 with an all time favorite series
  • Met Jude Duarte, a true highlight of my month
  • Finally got back in to contemporary
  • Reread two of my top favorite books
  • Got to read more Shades of Magic content, which is always a win
  • And bonus: I’m currently reading King of Scars!

I’d call that a good month. ❤️

I’d love to know

What books did you read in January? Have you read any of the books I did this month? What’s on your February TBR?!

41 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2019

    1. Thank you so much for these kind words! 💗 that truly means a lot to me. And oh I hope you get to pick up TID soon – it’s definitely worth the read. Happy February!

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  1. Aaaah yes the Infernal Devices ARE SO AMAZING. I haven’t read those books in so long 😭😍😍 I didn’t love Cruel Prince either as much ahah, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one, though it’s unfortunate you didn’t enjoy it. I’m also currently reading King of Scars ahaha, I hope you enjoy it! ❤️

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    1. Isn’t TID incredible?? ahhhh it’s my fave! And oh my goodness I’m so glad I’m not alone in not loving The Cruel Prince. It just didn’t live up to the hype😭 I hope you’re enjoying KoS as well! happy reading 💕

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  2. ahhh im so glad to see you had such a great reading month! the clockwork princess was glorious and that ending had me sobbing. i really loved starfish and im so happy to see you enjoyed it too bc wow it needs wayyy more hype! I WANT TO READ THE SCHWAB COMICS SO BADLY FJLDAFLJA im jealous (but im a good way hahaha)

    i hope your mental health improves, sending lots of good vibes your way ❤️ and i cant wait to hear your thoughts on king of scars 😍😍

    happy reading!

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    1. AGHHH Clockwork Princess is too good but also same. That ending? should not be allowed. And oh yay I’m so glad I now know someone else who has read Starfish because it DOES deserve more hype. ugh it was so beautiful. ALSO YES YOU HAVE TO READ THE SCHWAB COMICS. the storyline isn’t super exciting imo but the art is spectacular and omg it’s just so nice to be reading more Shades of Magic content!!!

      Thank you thank you thank you for those kind words and for the good vibes💕 that honestly means so much! And I’ll definitely be yelling about KoS soon lol. I’m almost halfway through and… there’s A Lot happening now. AHH.

      Happy February & happy reading to you too, May!!


  3. Wow I completely forgot you finished Clockwork Prince this month, I was super confused when it was at the top of the list lol. And ALL the love for Clockwork Princess, without a doubt the best Cassandra Clare finale of all Cassandra Clare finales. Also wow I need to reread Carry On, even though, like, I just did. I wish us both luck for getting through King of Scars without getting completely emotionally scared.

    Congrats on a great reading month! Hoping Feburary is even better!

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    1. Omg Arin I’m laughing, I literally had to double check that I finished CP in January because I was 100% convinced I read it in December. Honestly that TID reread felt like it happened at LEAST 3 months ago. But anyway ugh yeah CP2 is the greatest of all finales (but CoHF is definitely close, like that was so good? Wow) And YES you should reread Carry On even though we probably both will before Wayward Son lmao

      I’m still scared about KoS! Like extremely concerned! About that ending! But I must read it. I’m just… not prepared.

      Thank youuuu! I also hope February is better and I actually read this time :’) lol

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  4. KDSJLF I AM SO HAPPPPYY YOU HAD A NICE MONTH!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ i have to agree, Jude is such a delight, i loved her so muchhh?? honestly i was hugely interested in Jude's relationship w her fae dad. i just really love family in fantasy books, especially when the parent-child are fond of one another, bc it's SO RARE

    but i didn't ship Jude and Cardan???? which made me so sad, bc i loved them both as individuals. but the book didn't rlly give us much of the "lovers" portion of the "enemies-lovers" trope, so maybe that's why?? it felt more like a enemies-enemies trope XD

    + [is overwhelmed] i'm so happy you're getting into contemporary and loving the genre, it's just,,,such a flipping amazing && i v much want to read Starfish ((also bc Dezzy rec'd it and now you have as welllllll)))))

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    1. AWHHH THANK YOU MALANIE 💕💕💕 ugh right isn’t Jude the best?? I love her sm. And I totally agree with what you said about her and Cardan!! I just… don’t ship it. You’re right, we mostly had an enemies-to-enemies situation going on here and I’m like ?! give me my enemies to lovers trope PLEASE. lol

      OMG yes I’m also very happy I’m getting back in to contemporary :’) I used to read sooo much of it and then I got caught up in fantasy for a while haha. But luckily Dezzy recommended Starfish and it was SUCH a beautiful story and now I love the genre again. You definitely need to read it ahh!! I hope you love it💜

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  5. I adoreee this post and you, Brianna!! 💖 I can’t express how happy I am that you loved Starfish and that you’re going to read more contemporaries aahhh 😭💓 I’m so glad you loved almost all the books you read this month!! I’d definitely call that a good month as well.

    And yesss I’m glad you know that it’s totally okay not to read as much as you plan to every month! Your mental health is so important and I hope you’ll have a better month, mental health wise, in February ❤️ Sending you all my love and good vibes!!

    I hope you’ll continue to enjoy King of Scars!! I REALLY need to read SOC and the Grishaverse books, hahah.

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    1. I adore YOUUU Dezzy (and your very kind comments😭) 💞💞💞 I’m so happy I’m getting back in to contemporaries too, all thanks to Starfish hehe! I cannot WAIT to read more and discuss them with you omg. It really is such a wonderful genre.

      Omg you are way too kind Dezzy❤️ Thank you so so so much for all of these supportive words. I hope February goes a little better too! I’m glad it’s finally here (after January feeling like the longest month ever lol) so I have a fresh start. Things are getting better! And I appreciate you so much for being kind and for being there for me!

      And ABSOLUTELY you should read all the Grishaverse books hehe☺️ I’m very excited for that!!


  6. I LOVE how you format your monthly posts!! Honestly though I love all of your posts❤ And YES you always describe TID so perfectly??? It’s absolutely incredible!!

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy The Cruel Prince! The hype was ridiculously overwhelming haha. And ooh, I can’t wait to see your thoughts on King of Scars!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Kaya!! You just made my day. I’m so glad you like my posts, and also how I describe TID hehe. It IS incredible! And I just constantly want to shout my love for that series lol.

      Ah yeah I’m still kinda sad about TCP! I did like it (especially because of Jude) but it just wasn’t my favorite. I got way too caught up in the hype😂 Hopefully I’ll like TWK better if I read it! And ahh I’ll definitely be freaking out over KoS soon on here!!

      Thanks so much for your kind words and your comment Kaya❤️

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  7. Glad you’re enjoying The Steel Prince! I’m waiting until the entire bundle comes out in March to read it. I never really liked Maxim during the series either but I’ll read anything Victoria writes so I’m excited 🙂

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    1. Oooh good choice to wait until March! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t care for Maxim in the series – some of the stuff he did just did not sit well with me! But it’s pretty interesting to learn his backstory. And AGREED, I’ll also read anything Victoria writes lol. I hope you enjoy it Kaylee! 💕

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    1. Oh my goodness YES I could not recommend Starfish or Shades of Magic more. They’re both such excellent reads and I hope you enjoy them whenever you get around to them 💕 hehe and thank you for the luck with KoS! I’m going to need it!

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  8. i’m glad you had a great reading month! the infernal devices is SO GOOD, and i agree on the cruel prince with not loving it – i think the hype got to me :(( ALSO I NEED TO READ STARFISH ASAP because i’ve heard so many amazing things about it! a 4.4 average is SO GOOD!! i hope you enjoy king of scars, definitely waiting for your thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you sm Taasia!! RIGHT? I honestly can never stop talking about how much I love TID hahaha but it’s just too good. And ugh yeah the same thing happened to me with TCP – I got way too caught up in the hype. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t love it either though! ALSO YES PLEASE READ STARFISH. it’s beautiful. And yesss I was very happy with a 4.4 average this month even if I didn’t read as much as I wanted to. I’ll definitely be yelling about KoS soon lol!

      Thanks for this sweet comment Taasia & I hope you’re having a great February so far💞💞💞

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  9. Sounds like you had a good month, although I am sorry to hear that you struggled a little with mental health. Here’s to a better one with February! I actually haven’t read Clockwork Princess yet… I know WHAT?!? I’m hoping to finish the series this year, re-read the first two because I’ve heard such good things about Clockwork Princess. I’m just worried because at this point I have no idea how Tessa will choose and I actually need it to be Will (can you believe that I’ve actually managed to avoid spoilers?). I guess I’ll have to find out ahaha! Good news is my Darker Shades books arrived yesterday so I’ll be reading them very soon. Can’t wait to gush over them with you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thank youuu! I appreciate those kind words very much. Oh my goodness, I hope you get to read Clockwork Princess soon! It’s absolutely brilliant. Also I’m super impressed you’ve managed to avoid spoilers about what happens with the love triangle. Hehe! I love Will too so I know what you mean. And OH GOOD! I’m so happy to hear your Shades of Magic books arrived. You’ll definitely have to keep me updated on what you think! Happy reading❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Looking back I seriously have no idea just how I managed to avoid all those spoilers! I am glad though because when I do pick up Clockwork Princess it will be a complete surprise. I think the challenging thing with the love triangle is that both boys are such sweet hearts! As much as I’m Team Will I still can’t fault Gem – he still gets a few swoons from me too. The stress is real! ❤ ❤ ❤


  10. Aww, I’m sorry you din’t have a great mental health month! ❤️❤️

    But I’m glad to hear you had a great reading month, even if you weren’t able to read as many books as you would have liked! Also is it bad that I already want to reread Carry On…?? 😂 I loooooove it so much!!

    And ahhhhh I NEED King of Scars!! I need to see more of my precious Nikolai and Nina! Also I somehow still haven’t read The Steel Prince? For some reason? And I need to. Because Schwab.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah it’s alright! It happens and luckily I’m doing better now. thank you though💗

      Hehe YES I’m happy I had a good reading month toooo! Well at least in terms of quality because I definitely wish I had read more😂 but it’s all fine tbh. AND OMG I GET YOU. I constantly want to reread Carry On because it’s just too good. I’m sure I’ll be doing another reread before Wayward Son hahaha

      I seriously cannot wait for you to get KoS so we can scream about it! Nikolai, Zoya, and Nina are all iconic and I’m so excited for you to read about them again. Also yes, you should most definitely read The Steel Prince soon. I think you’re gonna love it a lot!

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