Celebrating Ten of My Favorite Female Characters on International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!! One of the greatest days of the year, truly.

To celebrate this occasion, I’ve compiled a list of ten of my favorite female book characters. These gals have inspired me, taught me important lessons, made me feel seen, and so much more. This post is all about honoring them and screaming about my endless love for them!!

In no particular order, here’s ten female characters I love from fiction ~

Genya Safin

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

I’ll forever be hyping up Genya because I believe she’s much too underrated. I absolutely love her. She went through a lot she didn’t deserve, but the way she pursued despite it all is something I admire so much. That one scene in Ruin and Rising when she stands up to the king? I wish I could’ve transported myself in to the book to applaud her. And that’s also where she said one of my very, very favorite quotes ever:

“I am not ruined. I am ruination”


Tessa Gray

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention my fave. Honestly, all the love I have goes to Tessa. I’ve always seen so much of myself in her (and not just because we’re both brunettes who love Will and Jem with all our hearts) but her independence, her quiet demeanor and her bookishness are all traits I identify with. She’s so peaceful, and fierce, and I could shout about how amazing she is forever. My role model, really.

“One must always be careful of books,” said Tessa, “and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”

Art by Alexandra Curte86B11B6B-FEB6-4837-950E-F6DB12C25BD3

Evelyn Hugo

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Did I just read this book last month but already consider Evelyn one of my favorite characters ever? Yes, yes I do. Evelyn is the definition of iconic, she’s so intelligent, and she always goes after what she wants like a true Slytherin. Also I’m convinced The Lucky One by Taylor Swift is written about her life story (we can just ignore the fact that the song came out way before the book did, okay?)

“Never let anyone make you feel ordinary.”


Jude Duarte

The Folk of the Air by Holly Black

You may or may not have noticed that I can’t seem to stop talking about Jude lately, but I just… I really love Jude Duarte. I finished The Wicked King recently (it was so! good!) and I can’t get over how incredible she is. She’s by far one of the most complexly written and intriguing characters I’ve ever read. And she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, which only makes me love her more.

“The odd thing about ambition is this: You can acquire it like a fever, but it is not so easy to shed.”

Art by Loweana


Cather Avery

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

When I first read Fangirl in high school, Cath taught me something important: I could be unapologetically myself. I always felt weird for being in to books and fanfiction back then, so coming across a character who liked these same things was life-changing. And Cath, well, she basically is me. Being an anxious college student, growing up with a book series, and (of course) loving Simon and Baz too much are all things I can relate to. I’ll always be grateful for her.

“Because I’m the kind of girl who fantasizes about being trapped in a library overnight.”

86B11B6B-FEB6-4837-950E-F6DB12C25BD3 Inej Ghafa

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Is it actually possible not to love Inej? I don’t think it so. What I like most about her is how fiercely determined she always was to make her future what she wanted. She remained true to what she believed in and what she set out to do. Also, I liked that she had a generally calm and quiet manner that she could switch in a second and become unrelentingly ruthless.

“She was not a lynx or a spider or even the Wraith. She was Inej Ghafa, and her future was waiting above.”



Juliette Ferrars

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I feel like Juliette tends to get hate, but I have endless appreciation for her. She was the first character I encountered who experienced mental health issues on page in a fantasy/dystopian book. This was monumental to me as an anxiety-ridden teenager who thought I could only be “strong” if I were more like Katniss, or Tris, or the other “badass female leads” in YA. I’ll always value Juliette for defying that trope and proving you don’t need to be constantly fearless to be a hero.

“On the darkest days you have to search for a spot of brightness, on the coldest days you have to seek out a spot of warmth; on the bleakest days you have to keep your eyes onward and upward and on the saddest days you have to leave them open to let them cry. To then let them dry. To give them a chance to wash out the pain in order to see fresh and clear once again.”


Frances Janvier

Radio Silence by Alice OsemanImage result for frances janvier fanart spacezeros tumblr

I’m rereading Radio Silence right now and reliving all my love for this book and all my love for Frances. I’m actually annotating this time (in hopes that I can get a review up like I promised to ages ago) and I’ve been highlighting basically everything she says. She’s so genuine, a wonderful narrator, and one of the wisest characters ever. Also, her style? Iconic.

“I’m sure you think I was complaining about nothing. You probably think I’m a whiny teenager. And yeah, it was all in my head, probably. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.”

Art by Alice Oseman86B11B6B-FEB6-4837-950E-F6DB12C25BD3

Isabelle Lightwood

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Another character who I definitely couldn’t complete this list without. When I first read TMI, Izzy grew on me so much until she eventually became my favorite character from the series. This hasn’t changed to this day. I still get ridiculously happy when she shows up in Cassandra Clare’s other works. Isabelle is a legend if there ever was one.

“Isabelle didn’t seem like the type of girl to belong to someone.”


Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter by JK Rowling

I had to pick one of the gals from Harry Potter, and my go-to was Hermione, but then I was like waaaait… but Luna! My fellow Ravenclaw. I’ve loved Luna and her kindness, her uniqueness, and her curiosity so much since I was a kid. She has the most imaginative mind and never once wasn’t completely herself.

“We’re all still here,” she whispered, “We’re still fighting.”

Art by Alexandra Curte

I could make an endless list, but you get the idea. These ladies are everything to me and I could praise them forever.

Happy International Women’s Day to all my fellow girls out there ❤️

I’d love to know

Who are your favorite female characters? Do you see any on my list? How are you celebrating International Women’s Day?

51 thoughts on “Celebrating Ten of My Favorite Female Characters on International Women’s Day

    1. AHH so glad you love them too!! I (sadly) haven’t read any of those so I don’t know the characters you mentioned but I *do* love Lara Jean from the TATBILB movie! I’ll have to read those books soon though, especially now knowing they have great female characters. thanks Tree!

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  1. I love literally all of these. Luna was always one of my favourite Harry Potter characters! And ahhhh all of these women are fantastic!! Watching the shadowhunters show keeps reminding me how much I adore Izzy (I swear she’s the only thing this show got right, and tbh it’s not the worst thing they could’ve chosen :P). and OF COURSE I can always scream about my love for Genya! And Evelyn. And Frances. And all of these.

    Also ahhhhh I loved Juliette so much!! She’s such a wonderful character ❤

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    1. AWW YAY I’m so glad you love all of these characters too! Luna is so SO great omg. I’m glad she’s one of your faves as well. You’re right, Izzy in the show is actually pretty good from what I remember! Lol I’m glad that’s at least *something* the show didn’t fail at. You’re like the only other person who truly understands my love for Genya so THANK YOU. And yes Frances, Evelyn and… literally everyone is the best hahaha.

      Juliette really is such a great character! I could hype her up forever. Happy International Women’s Day Iris!!

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    1. Frances is such a gem! I hope you get to reread Radio Silence soon. It made such an impact on me as well, and I’m actually liking it even more the second time around! Ah YES Luna is wonderful. And oh my goodness same, Cath is such a relatable character. Love her!

      Thanks so much Xandra!!

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    1. Thanks Katelyn!! Ahh I’m seriously so happy you’re reading the Grisha books. Reading those is such a fun journey and I can’t wait to hear what you think! YES Luna is so great, right? Forever a fave.


    1. Thank you Kaylee!! Jude and Inej are both icons and ahh I’m so glad they’re some of your faves too. I haven’t read The Bear and the Nightingale yet but I do own it and now I definitely want to pick it up soon so I can meet Vasya!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thank you and I’m so glad you see some of your faves on here!! I 100% agree, Luna does deserve way more love. She’s so wonderful omg. Happy International Women’s Day Tiff💖

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    1. I could not agree more – there are so many wonderful characters in books! It was a lot of fun to share some favorites. Thank you so much for this very kind comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.


  2. Great post!

    I hope to read the Six of Crows series this year. I wasn’t even aware of it until I heard about the upcoming Netflix adaptation. Also want to read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, I hear it’s really good too.

    I really liked the character of Tess in Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler. Sure, she had her flaws and made mistakes, but that’s something that is completely relatable at the end of the day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!

      Six of Crows and Evelyn Hugo are both absolutely incredible. I hope you love those whenever you get around to them! Definitely some of my favorite books.

      I haven’t read Sweetbitter but I’m intrigued after hearing about Tess! I agree, characters who have flaws and make mistakes are so relatable. Plus, that only makes them more realistic!

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  3. Evelyn Hugo! I know she is kinda an unlikeable character, but you can’t help but admire her for her ambition and drive. She’s basically a bad ass.

    Who are your favorite female characters? Just off the top of my head: Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter), Vasya (Winternight trilogy), Tiffany Aching (Discworld), Lada (the Conqueror’s Saga), Binti (Binti series), and Delilah Bard (Shades of Magic series)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly!! Evelyn isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes her such a great character to read about. I agree, her ambition and drive are definitely admirable.

      Ahh thanks for sharing some of your favorites! You have so many great picks. Hermione is wonderful. And I totally keep forgetting about Lila, but she’s amazing!


  4. Happy International Women’s day to you!!
    And yes I love Genya and she is really powerful. I also love her with David!!
    I am glad Cath from Fangirl could make you feel happy to be yourself always. It is great when a book can do that for you!!
    Yes Inej is a true queen– I love her!! 💕
    And Luna– I love her too! 😍😂 so many great women!! And a lovely post!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! Happy (belated) International Women’s Day!! Oh I’m so glad to hear from someone else who loves Genya as well. She deserves more appreciation! And I totally agree, she and David are super adorable. Ahh yes Cath is wonderful and I’m forever thankful for her. Inej is a queen 100%! And Luna!! She is so lovely. Haha yes so many great women❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh yay I’m so glad you like them all too! ❤️ I can’t believe I haven’t read Illuminae yet, but it’s on my TBR for this year so I’ll definitely look forward to meeting Kady. Thank you Claire!


  5. Lovely answers! I do have to look away embarrassed though because, um, I still haven’t read a lot of the books you’ve mentioned although basically all of them are on either my tbr or wishlist!

    I’d pick Aelin from Throne of Glass; she inspires me to kick butt every day whether with words, emotions etc and she just gives me such good girl power vibes! I’d probably also pick Star from The Hate U Give for her strength to stand up for what’s right, but also her vulnerability and the fact that she still struggles on her journey. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Becky! Oh no worries at all, I understand!! I’m always late to the party with popular books and they end up being on my TBR for ages so I get you haha. In fact I never got around to Throne of Glass or The Hate U Give so I haven’t met Aelin or Star yet!! I hope to read both soon though especially knowing there are awesome female characters involved. Thanks so much for sharing and for your comment!

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  6. this is such a beautiful, soft, empowering post 😭😭

    genya, tessa, inej ahhhh my queens. cath is an amazing choice, i feel like sometimes we skip over contemporary main characters and its nice to see them on lists celebrating how they are awesome too (especially when you find them so relatable)

    also the fanart choices for this post were fantastic, this is such a great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww May thank you so much for this kind comment😭💞 you’re always so sweet

      Ugh yes Genya, Tessa & Inej are all such icons!! RIGHT that’s exactly what I thought about contemporary characters too. We tend to (rightfully) hype up the heroines of fantasy novels but then the important & relatable contemporary girls get looked over!! Cath is wonderful truly.

      Omg thank youuu❤️ I had so much fun picking out the fanart!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Raya!! I’m so glad you’re a fan of all of these ladies too. And I hope you love Evelyn and Tessa if you ever get around to reading their books! They’re both such wonderful characters. ❤️

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