Avengers Book Tag // Celebrating the Release of Endgame!

Hi friends! I’m sure you’re all very well aware of this but… Avengers Endgame came out this weekend!! I went to the premiere on Thursday (don’t worry – this post is spoiler free) and it made me super emotional because this is like the end of an era. I’ve been invested in this franchise since I saw the original Avengers in 2012 so these movies have been a pretty significant part of my life for a while. I love them a whole lot.

So when I saw Kaylee @ Kayl’s All Booked do this tag, I was very excited because this combines the Avengers AND books. Two of my fave things, truly. I knew I wanted to participate in this one for sure. And after seeing Endgame, I’ve been in a Marvel mood. What better way to celebrate than with this tag??

Let’s talk superheroes and books! –

IRON MAN – A book that made you laugh out loud

The other day, I started my third read of this book and I’m realizing it literally NEVER gets old. I love love love it. There are some emotional parts that make me want to cry, but there’s also plenty of hilarious moments that have me laughing out loud. This book is basically the definition of happiness to me and the comedy is absolute gold.

CAPTAIN AMERICA – A book with a positive message

Radio Silence focuses on things like self-discovery and the importance of doing what you want to do with your future even when faced with societal, familial, and academic pressure. It’s genius! And it changed my life! And I’m never going to stop talking about how much I love this book! I’m still working on my review which I hope to get up soon so I can explain in more detail about why this book is so meaningful.

THOR – A book with a character’s strength you admire

How can I possibly explain how much love and appreciation I have for Juliette Ferrars? I admire her strength greatly, and I don’t mean her powers (although those are cool too), but her journey with her mental health throughout this series is something that really inspires me. Juliette has to overcome many obstacles, but she pursues despite the challenges. It makes me so proud to see how far she’s come.

HULK – A book that makes you incredibly angry

I can’t explain why this book makes me incredibly angry without spoiling it, but I think those of you who’ve read it know what I’m talking about. That THING that happened at the end. I’m still not over it. It just seemed… totally pointless and uncalled for? 15 year old me was devastated by what happened and 20 year old me is still devastated. Still love this series though (even if the ending is the worst).

BLACK WIDOW – A book with a kick ass female protagonist

Jude Duarte, my Queen! I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t really care for this book itself but I absolutely LOVE the main character. Like, easily one of my favorite female protagonists of all time. Jude is smart, cunning, and a complete badass. She’s also a bit morally gray, which makes her character arc very interesting. I have a lot of love for her and all her legendary moments in this series. Can’t wait to see more of her in the final book next year!!

HAWKEYE – An underrated book that people should pay more attention to

Alright I’ll be honest here: I’m not sure if people should be paying more attention to this book or not because I remember… almost nothing of it. All I know is that I was really in to this series years ago and I couldn’t understand how it wasn’t more popular. That being said, I also read Jennifer L Armentrout’s Lux series back then which I realize wasn’t the best. So I could be giving a bad recommendation here. Either way, I think this book is worth more hype than it’s gotten!

Okay this tag was a lot of fun and now I’m even MORE in the Marvel mood. I’m going to tag Arin, Xandra, and Elizabeth to do this next, but of course no pressure at all if you don’t want to or don’t have time! Also, if anyone else wants to do this tag – please feel free to😊

Hope you enjoy your weekend, friends!

I’d love to know

Do you like Marvel movies? Have you seen Endgame yet, or plan to see it soon? Are there any books I mentioned in this post that you’ve read before??

11 thoughts on “Avengers Book Tag // Celebrating the Release of Endgame!

  1. Ah Brianna, thank you for the tag! I’m really looking forward to doing this! I still really need to read Radio Silence, I swear I will one day do that. I haven’t seen Endgame yet but I am trying to convince my friends to go see it with me tomorrow instead of doing their homework, but I’m not sure how well that will work.

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    1. No prob!! ❤️ I’m excited to see your answers. And ahh I’m also excited for you to read Radio Silence, I think you’re going to absolutely love it. Omg yay I hope you get to see Endgame soon! We must discuss it thoroughly lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kaylee! And thanks for the tag inspiration!! AHH I FEEL THAT ABOUT ENDGAME. It hurt a lot but I’m probably going to see it again soon lol. I wish you luck with your second watch!

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  2. This is such a fun tag, and I love Marvel movies! 🙂 I haven’t seen Endgame yet, but I will see it with my family tomorrow! I didn’t used to be a huge fan of the MCU, but I think it really started for me when Age of Ultron came out. That was the first time I was super hyped to see a Marvel movie in theaters, and since then, I always try to see them on opening weekend!

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    1. Oh yay, I’m so glad you like the tag! And I hope you enjoyed Endgame!! Ahh same, I wasn’t in to the MCU either until I saw Avengers and Iron Man and now I’m super invested haha. It’s such a good franchise🙂


  3. This is such a fun tag– I love Marvel and superheroes!! I’m am seeing endgame on Friday so I am trying to avoid spoilers until then but I am so excited (and slightly scared).
    I really want to read ‘The Gentlemen’s guide to vice and virtue’ especially if you say it makes you laugh because I love anything that can make me smile!!
    I really, really want to read radio silence too– can’t wait to see your review!!
    And I have read great things about Jude as well- I need to read that series too haha. I need to get to lots of books!!
    Great post!!


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